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When to use Effect and affect?

It is quite common that many people use words ‘effect’ and ‘affect’ in the wrong place. They often get confused with when to use affect and effect and use one for the other. Not that they do a spelling mistake, but actually it is due to the confusion about the meaning of the words. These are the most confusing and trouble some words, where most of the people make mistakes using them. When the students commit these mistakes in their essays, there are chances where they can loose their grades.

If you are one of them who get confused about using the words effect and affect and would like to get out of this confusion then you can follow a general rule. Remember one simple rule that affect is a verb and effect is a noun. Executing or producing something is known as effecting which is generally a noun. Affecting means changing the feelings or mental state and it is a verb.

For better understanding you can see few examples which can help you avoid any future confusion about these words. You can use effect as: The photographic effect was awesome. You can use affect as: Recession affected our economy very badly.

There might be some rare occasions where word effect is used as a verb and affect as noun, but generally they are used as above. So, you can just follow the simple rule as effect is a noun and affect is a verb to avoid any further confusion.

It is really important to understand when to use these words correctly. And if you think you have made mistakes using these words properly in the past, then you need to recheck till you are comfortable using them with out making mistakes and get used to using them correctly